Individual Duct Items

Since the beginning, Diamond Metal Fabricators has been known for our quick turnaround and our emphasis on quality products.  As we have grown, our facilities have expanded to include state of the art equipment that ensures our ability to keep up with the changing times.

Diamond Metal Fabricators has the resources and ability to perform a wide assortment ductwork and other sheet metal fabrication.  We process all rectangular duct on a state of the art Iowa Precision coil line, and our assortment of hydraulic presses, brakes and notchers ensures that we always have the right facilities for every job at our immediate disposal. We use Plasma cutting for all fittings and we have a corner machine for TDF, TDC duct and fittings.  For years, our goal has been to obtain the best equipment possible to process every order quickly, reliably and with a high degree of quality.



Blueprints and Plans

And beyond our commitment to excellence and quality is our commitment to our customer's success. At Diamond Metal Fabricators, we have developed a proprietary system for simplifying your next commercial ductwork installation.

This new, innovative system is so special that we can't show you on our website. However, we invite you to call us today at (770) 974-0897. We'll be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities, as well as show you how Diamond Metal Fabricators can save you thousands of dollars on your next project by taking advantage of our exclusive way of managing fulfillment.